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About THG

THG was founded in 1988 in order to meet and satisfy the growing demand for functional pre-owned helicopters and certified spare-parts specifically for the different versions of the MBB BO-105.

THG has the networks available to search world-wide in order to procure and market complete helicopters, spare-parts and NOS-parts as well as any optional equipment and avionics necessary in offering an attractive price to value ratio for our clients. In doing this, THG takes over the research and international logistics as well as securing the certifications necessary in dealing with the bureaucracy of aviation. However, our expertise doesn’t end there! We also consult with clients, offering technical support and advice so they are able to select the products which fit their usage profile and needs.

THG defines itself as a trustful long-term partner, providing a platform that secures both tangible and quantifiable benefits for its clients. Whether it be sales or procurement or maintenance and replacement – we are open for your request 24/7/365. Contact us for more information.